How To Make A Tasty Egg Chicken Fuyunghai Recipe Simple

11/23/2014 12:55
How To Make Chicken Fuyunghai Delicious Recipes. Our country is famous for its culinary heritage. There are many variations of the recipe which has typical flavours at unbeatable prices on the spot and another country. Not only Indonesia, some cooking recipes cooking recipes or cooking Chinese Food which is derived from the Chinese negeara is also widely spread and got a heart in the middle of our society. One of the recipes chicken dishes are pretty much got the fans and became widely known in our country is Fuyunghai cooking recipes. There are several different variations of this recipe, such as flour, recipe fuyunghai fuyunghai fuyunghai egg and shrimp, but this time  I will invite my friends to make Chicken Fuyunghai Cuisine Recipes are simple but it was still tasty and delicious.

Fuyunghai cooking recipes or his original name was Fu yong hai or Egg foo young dishes is one of chinese food which is quite famous in Indonesia. Starting from the seller's premises, even five feet 5-much of which provides the cuisine on this one. Like the original recipe, Tasty Chicken Fuyunghai Recipes also use eggs that didadar as its primary material coupled with the chopped chicken meat into so. In fact their chickens can be replaced with other materials in accordance with the wishes of friends of friends. Can be substituted with chopped shrimp, crab meat, fish or a flour dough mixed with eggs.

Like a recipe capcay who also is one of the variations of Chinese Food recipes are quite famous in our country, fuyunghai chicken eggs is also using a variety of fresh vegetables as a complement. Not only gives you the taste of a fresh and healthy, a mix of cabbage, carrots, red pepper fruit, peas and broccoli also beautify the look of this fuyunghai Chicken Recipe that is served. Of course, as the egg mixture can be replaced, his vegetables were able to adjust to the tastes of friends of friends, such as peppers, green tomatoes, kale and more. In addition, how to make a recipe fuyunghai also is quite simple, so make friends who don't Cook any hobby can easily make delicious egg chicken fuyunghai recipe this myself at home. Okay, for more details, please see the herbs and how to make a simple Chicken Fu yung hai under Yes.
Chicken Fuyunghai Recipe

The main material used is 200 g chicken meat. Select chicken meat that are still fresh and finely chopped for her egg mixture.
Large size eggs as many as 10 pcs. Or there could also replace it with duck egg if liked. Figured out the chaff and shake.
Fresh onion Daung 2 pcs. Clean and wash the small little pieces.
Medium-size fresh carrots as much as approximately 300 grams. Clean, wash, Peel his skin and cut lengthwise small little.
Large size garlic as much as 4 pcs. Cut and chop small little mix for their eggs.
Granulated sugar to taste (more or less as much as half a small spoon).
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste (more or less as much as one small spoon).
Pepper powder or finely ground pepper as much as half a small spoon. May be reduced according to taste.
Fluffy tapioca flour to egg mixture as much as approximately 4 tablespoons.
United Kingdom more or less as much soy sauce 2 small spoons.
Onions medium size as much as more or less 2. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin (sauce ingredients).
Local medium-size garlic in large quantities of 6 pcs (sauce ingredients).
Good-quality tomato sauce as much as 3-4 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
Red chili fruit size of as much as 2 pcs. Wash clean and cored them and then cut into thin thin somewhat skewed (sauce ingredients).
Medium-size red tomatoes 4 large pieces. Wash and then puree to saosnya (sauce ingredients).
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste (more or less as much as half a small spoon) (sauce ingredients).
Sweet soy sauce is thick good quality more or less as much as 4 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
As many as half the fine pepper small spoon. Can be added or subtracted according to taste (sauce ingredients).
More or less as much as Worcestershire sauce 2 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
Cornstarch to thicken tomato sauce fuyunghai her as much as two tablespoons. Mix with water before it was merged with the other sauce ingredients (sauce ingredients).
Chicken bouillon or less as much as 500-600 ml. can wear powdered instant broth mixed with boiled water (sauce ingredients).
The peas to taste.
Granulated sugar to taste more or less as much as 102 tablespoons.
Oil for sautéing and frying to taste the dough the eggs and seasoning sauce.

How To Make A Simple Chicken Fuyunghai Cuisine Recipes

The first step to do is to make the sauce recipe masakaan fuyunghai him.
Saute the onions together with that already mashed, onions and chili which was cut in slices with a flames were small. Stir stir briefly until t


Herbs and how to make Spicy Chicken Recipe Rica Rica Manado

11/23/2014 12:54
How To Cook Chicken Recipes Rica Rica Spicy Original Manado. Wide range of Indonesia indeed cooking recipes is endless. Almost all areas in our country has its own menus and recipes are very tempting. This time, I'll invite friends to make chicken dishes recipes from Manado, North Sulawesi, which has a taste spicy and tasty, the Chicken Dishes Recipes Rica Rica spicy. Make friends who mengetahaui the meaning of Rica, must already know that one of the chicken seasoning rica-rica is dominated by the spicy chili. So for a friend of a friend who happened to not eating spicy hobby at all, maybe you should cultivate the chicken with the other recipes.

Some of us may know and never tasted the fried chicken rica rica in restaurant or Brasserie. Yes, in addition to residents of Manado, delights Recipe chicken rica rica does indeed have a lot of fans and get into the menu a few restaurant famous. Call it chicken recipe rica-rica solaria renowned and sought-after. Indeed besides a sense of spiciness that bitin the tongue, savory and tender chicken meat is well suited to eat rice. Moreover, rice is served still hot. Yummy, definitely makes everyone who try it will be hooked.

Like the other chicken dishes recipes, chicken recipes Rica Rica also uses some sort of spice and seasoning herbs native to Indonesia, such as stalks Lemongrass, chillies, ginger and more. With so many spices spice imports coming in, like onion and garlic, this could affect the flavour of the cuisine rica rica produced. Therefore, in order that the results really deliciously seasoned marinade, preferably the later use, such as onion and garlic should use local ingredients. Of course, the chicken as its main material should also be considered. Use fresh chicken that never freeze so that fiber-fiber flesh does not change and affect the flavor of fried chicken recipes are his. rica rica Okay, for more details, please see the chicken seasoning rica rica and made it's way under Yes.
Chicken Recipes Rica Rica Manado

The main ingredients are all it takes is one medium-size of the chickens. Select fresh chicken. Waste jeroannya and cut into 12-15 parts (depending on taste).
Great medium-size garlic as much as 4 pcs. Peel the skin and puree. If you can use garlic for seasoning local tumisannya.
Local medium-size red onion 8 large pcs. Peel the skin and puree for seasoning tumisannya.
Fruit chili large size medium large meras as much as 18 pcs. Clean wash and puree for seasoning stir fry. The amount could be added or subtracted according to taste.
Red cayenne pepper fruit more or less as much as 6 pcs. Clean wash and puree for sauteed. If the likes of spicy Chili, the number of rawitnya can be added.
Lemongrass stalks ukurang are as much as 2 pcs. Memarkan first before use.
Ginger large size medium as much as approximately 1 pcs. Doesn't need to be peeled, quite bruised or digeprek just so that more meresep with the other seasonings.
Medium-size Orange leaves as many as 7-8 sheets.
Salt to taste more or less as much as one small scoop.
Sugar to taste.
Clean water to taste (more or less 200 cc).
Vegetable oil for frying and sautéing the seasoning to taste.

How To Make Chicken Dishes Recipes Rica Rica Original Spicy

After chicken washed clean and cut according to taste, the first ledge is frying the chicken. Use new and oil over medium heat. Back and forth until half-cooked chicken recently lifted and drained.
Subtract the last oil for frying the chicken and leave the oil to taste for sauteing. Turn on medium low heat and put down a smooth, white onion, cayenne pepper and chili red magnitude.
Stir stir seasoning seasonings on top briefly until fragrant smell.
Add chicken pieces and stir to blend well half-baked briefly stir fry until seasoning into the right flat.
Enter the clean water to taste and stir stir again until all the ingredients are well blended.
Stir in the remaining herbs spices above (stem Lemongrass, ginger, lime leaves, salt and a little sugar). Stir stir again until all baha well blended.
After the chicken really ripe and tender, taste and add salt sugar or a flavor enhancer if needed.
Stir to blend well back until the seasoning marinade seep into the meat of their chickens. Remove and serve into a bowl or platter dish.

How did friends friend how to make chicken recipe Rica Rica above? It was not as difficult as we imagine. It is much easier and practical if we buy so. But if we have a little free time, make chicken dishes recipes rica rica spicy original Manado is also quite engrossing lho. Especially if done in conjunction with other family members. For the other chicken dishes recipes, s


Special soy sauce chicken recipe ingredients and how to make

11/23/2014 12:53
How to make a Special soy sauce chicken recipe is delicious. Based on the latest data are floating around, the level of consumption of chicken meat in the middle of our society increasingly recorded increases. Not just grilled chicken, fried chicken, chicken stews recipes, chicken recipes or butter chicken satay, many variations of the recipe to cook a chicken that is circulating in our midst. Make a friend who happens to be a hobby of cooking sweet and contain soy sauce, this time we will invite friends to make chicken recipe a tasty soy sauce seasoning and marinade to seep into his flesh. In addition to the sweet soy sauce, which became its main ingredients, this time we will also be using some sort of seasoning to add to the deliciousness of the chicken dishes this time, such as Worcestershire sauce, ginger and other spices.

Yes, the price is quite affordable besides communities in all groups, nutrient content in chicken meat was indeed pretty good for our bodies. Call it the energy and protein, calcium is a necessary substance for health. Of course, the chicken meat also contains several kinds of vitamins, such as vitamin B, folate, vitamin C and more. In addition to that of course it tastes good also became one of the factors why the poultry is very popular in the middle of our society. To that end, in addition to friends is well suited to eat rice, tasty soy sauce chicken recipe with ginger we will create this time is also helpful for the health of our body.

In addition to using some sort of soy sauce is nice and thick as the material soy chicken recipe, we recommend that you also use chicken meat that is still fresh. Friend of a friend can use chicken or chicken meat pieces, which are essential conditions for its still good and fresh. Use of soy sauce that is thick and good quality because here one of the key ingredients is ketchup. For brands, friends can use any favorite family, such as ketchup, bango, ABC Gold or more. Tips on how to make a delicious soy sauce chicken recipe is the process of pemasakannya. Use a low heat so his seasoning spices seeped into his flesh. Okay, for more details, please see the herbs and how to make it under Yes.
Seasoning Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe

The main material used is 1 medium-size of the chickens. Use fresh chicken. If you use chicken pieces, preferably freshly cut really, not the frozen chicken.
The chicken to taste 10-14 pieces and wash it clean before use. Make sure there is no dirt and blood that was still attached to.
Local onions the size of as much as 12 pcs. Peel the skin and cut into thin thin so easy to fry later.
Large size garlic as much as 2 pcs. Cut the peel and thinly sliced thin for seasoning tumisannya.
Sweet soy sauce is thick or less as much as 10-11 tablespoons. Use a good quality soy sauce and really thick so that the result is more delicious.
United Kingdom to boost the sauce food more or less as much as 1 sndok eating alone.
Ginger peeled approximately 5 cm. cut and chop small little so pervasive and more easily mixed with other herbs.
Spicy chilli sauce more or less as much as 1 tablespoon. When eating spicy hobby friends, can be added as well as some pcs red cayenne pepper.
Good-quality tomato sauce about 2 tablespoons.
Finely ground pepper or pepper powder to taste (more or less just as much as a half a small spoon or a teaspoon).
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste.
The water from the juice of one lime medium-size large.
Clean water to taste.
Oil to taste for seasoning the chicken flavoring soy sauce sauteing it.

How To Make Delicious Soy Sauce Marinade Chicken Recipe

The first step that we used to do was boil their until half cooked.
After daginga pieces of chicken washed, flush water juice of lemon to the top of the meat pieces and stir to blend well using their hands so well blended.
Give sprinkles salt to taste (more or less about a tablespoon). Stir to blend well using chicken hands so well blended salt and let stand briefly (approximately 13-15 minutes).
Prepare a stew pot over medium heat and give water to taste. Wait for it to boil and add the chicken pieces on top. Occasional stirring stir then let the chicken until the meat is half done continues to drain.
Prepare a frying pan and a little oil for sautéing bumbunya.
Turn on medium heat and stir in chopped onion and sliced white onion. Stir stir until fragrant smell tumisannya.
Enter an already chopped ginger on top and stir briefly with stir fry seasoning before (enter also when diperluka cayenne pepper slices to taste the spiciness).
Stir in sweet soy sauce and soy sauce English. Stir to blend well until all ingredients are well blended.
Stir in 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce and sesend


Sweet Sour Pineapple chicken recipes and how to make

11/23/2014 12:51
How to make a Sweet Sour chicken recipe with pineapple easy. One of the most popular foodstuffs in our country is the chicken meat. Yes, one of these types of livestock poultry animal did have many benefits. Besides their meat, which can be used for a variety of chicken dishes recipes, her eggs has become one of the ingredients of various kinds of bread and cake recipes. This time, we will try one of the recipes that use Indonesia cuisine chicken meat as the main ingredient, namely, Sweet Sour chicken cooking recipes. Possible friends more often heard of fried chicken, butter chicken recipe rica-rica, chicken recipes, chicken, spicy sour sauce, sweet spicy chicken and more. Yes, actually the Sweet Sour recipe can also be used for Sweet Sour fish, Sweet Sour duck or the other, but this time we will make Sweet Sour spicy chicken with pineapple.

Make friends who have never tried the chicken dishes recipes this one, seen from its name (Sweet Sour pineapple chicken) would have been kebayang it how it feels Indonesia food recipes on this one. A fusion of taste his sauce consisting of a sour taste of pineapple fruit combined with sweetness and spiciness in the guarantee definitely makes our tongue wiggling. Like the chicken dishes with the other sauce, Sweet Sour spicy chicken recipe is perfect for shared a white rice eaten still warm. Create a hobby that just happens to eat spicy sambal, also suitable for hearty complement. But if you want, my friend can add sliced red chillies and chilli spicy curly to  give the desired spicy flavor sensation. For a more practical friend friends can also use chilli sauce quality so that more practical. It could also add powdered pepper to really eat spicy hobby.

As the name suggests, this recipe uses sweet sour sauce combined with chunks of chicken meat that has been fried first so that the drier. Sweet Sour chicken recipes using ingredients and culinary herbs native to Indonesia which was already famous for its typical taste and flavour is delicious. Using the pineapple to give it a sour sweetness coupled with the juice of lemon and sweet orange juice that comes from the juice of sweet orange gives a special taste and typical recipes of this sweet sour chicken dishes. Of course, to get a perfect result, one of her tips is to use quality ingredients and still fresh. Use a good quality chicken was fresh and other materials quality is really good. Okay, for more details, please, saw how to make pineapple Sweet Sour chicken below Yes.
Sweet Sour Pineapple Chicken Recipe

The main ingredients needed are a chickens without giblets medium-size large. Clean chicken and cut into pieces 8-12 pieces to taste.
Pineapple fruit size is as much as 1 piece. Peel the skin was a bit small and cut in small (can be triangular or rectangular smaller).
Salt beryodium as 6 small spoon or a teaspoon. 4 spoon mixture to chicken meat and the rest to make a sweet sour sauce.
Medium-size garlic as much as 10 large cloves. 6 pcs of chicken mixture and mashed for 4 pcs in memarkan enough to make sweet sour sauce recipe.
The juice of the lime juice as much as approximately 4 tablespoons. Half portion for the chicken meat is seared at and the rest of the sauce ingredients.
Medium-size onions 4 pcs. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin for seasoning sauce (sauce ingredients).
Water extract of sweet orange as much as 400 ml. can be extracted from the juice of sweet citrus fruits so much healthier (sauce ingredients).
Nice quality as much as tomato sauce 6 tablespoons. Use a reputable brand so that the result is more delicious (sauce ingredients).
Clean granulated sugar as much as approximately 2 tablespoon (sauce ingredients).
Peas for garnish sauce as much as approximately 80-100 grams (sauce ingredients).
Ginger ukurang big is as much as 2 adult finger segment. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin potluck so more aroma out (sauce ingredients).
Less more cornstarch 4 teaspoons. Dissolve and mix with a little water so that the sauce is thicker (sauce ingredients).
As many as 2 tablespoons of margarine (sauce ingredients).
Pieces of red pepper and cayenne pepper to taste to taste when curly like spicy (can be omitted if don't like spicy).
Cooking oil to taste for seasoning sauce and sauteing meat frying their chickens.

How To Make A Sweet Sour Chicken

The first step is to process their chickens for meat. Take a small container and insert the garlic already crushed, the lemon water and salts. Mix and stir all ingredients until blended.
Pour and rub chicken meat that has been cut with a solution of the above material material until all parts are exposed. Stir to blend well so that all the pieces really well blended.
Let stand briefly during 14-18 meni


How To Make Recipes Empek Empek Palembang Lenjer Original

11/23/2014 12:50
How to make Empek Empek Palembang. One of the original food city of Palembang who is perhaps best known from the East end to the West's Indonesia Empek Empek or Pempek are also known. Many variations of this one food that is known to us, such as Prescription Empek Empek lenjer, Empek empek subs, eggs and more. In fact there are also variations of the fish without Empek Empek their who happened to be allergic to seafood. For this time, I will be referring a friend to try mmbuat Recipe Empek Empek Palembang yourself at home.

Make a friend who operates a hobby, would've never tried the food on this one. Yes, not only on sale in the capital of South Sumatra Province wrote, this one also has food easy at the meet in almost all cities in Indonesia. With a distinctive and delicious flavour that comes from a mixture of flour and sago tengiri fish Empek Recipes Empek Palembang, indeed has its own unique flavour that makes us hooked. In addition, his unique sense of dressing that is a mix of vinegar, sugar and spices and other seasonings also raises the typical freshness sensai on our tongue and throat. So it's no wonder that so many fans of the best-performing variations for this one fish cuisine.

In fact, not only did recipes from Kilkenny wrote that frowned upon our society. There is also a Bangka Empek Empek Recipes also has a unique flavour and distinctive. But this dikesempatan I will invite friends friends teen daughter and mother's Recipe to make all Empek Empek Palembang are tasty. Maybe some of us think why should make their own. Anyway lots of food vendors this easy one we come across. Not only in restaurants and Malls in restarurant. Disekita home was easily can we encounter sellers Empek empek submarines, Empek empek Lenjer Empek empek and eggs. But when friends have little time to spare, why not make it your own. Besides more efficient, we can also ensure that the material used really assured quality, cleanliness and the content of its nutrition value.

The main ingredient needed is already tengiri ikang meat free of spines approximately 500 grams. Can also use fish cork or fish belida tengiri fish if no.
Sago flour 250 grams. Use the Sago flour has the nicest quality so that the result is delicious.
Chicken eggs. Choose medium-size and large half eggs use only.
Local garlic whose size is large. Peel the skin and prepare 80 grams to its gravy and 6 pcs mashed lebut to mix dough empek empek.
Brown sugar by as much as a half kilogram of Palm.
Cayenne 100 grams or depending on the tastes and the desired level of spiciness.
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste.
Tamarind if there was just a little.
Clean water is cooked more or less as much as half a liter.

How To Make Empek Empek Palembang

Take the container to the dough Recipe Empek Empek him. Stir in fish flesh tengiri already mashed first in order to ethnically mixed perfectly with the other ingredients.
Stir in salt and 6 pcs his garlic into containers of dough. Mix with fish meat and stir to blend well until all ingredients are well blended.
Stir in half of the eggs and mix and stir again with the other ingredients until well blended and there are no lumps of wadding.
Insert the 250 grams of flour is sagunya. Mix with all the previous material until flat and really no BLOB BLOB.
Take a little dough above and create a form of elongated, short or according to your own ideas to form empek empeknya. Do until all the dough is used up.
Prepare a place to boil the dough shaped in the levels. Give water to taste and boil all the dough pempeknya in boiling water until done.
Prepare a container again to make gravy cukanya.
Enter 0.5 liters of boiled water, brown sugar that's already cut small and tamarind to taste. Boil to a boil while stirring to mix so well blended.
Add salt to taste, garlic has small little cut and salt to taste. It could also add cayenne pepper to taste. Stir again until all of the ingredients well mixed. Remove and strain the broth.

Steps to create the actual Recipe Empek empek Palembang above can be enjoyed. But if friends want to senasi a more crisp and savory, pempek already boiled can be fried over medium heat until cooked a bit browned. It turns out they are too hard to right the making Empek Empek above. Even for a novice was easily able to make it. The original Indonesian dishes for others, please try the recipe Cireng Recipes and Batagor Crisp we. Good luck and please also shared to friend friends


Let The Steak Meat Is So Delicious, It's More His Tips!

11/20/2014 14:35
Steak is indeed often a menu mainstay when gathered with family especially if the burn itself.
Yup homemade steak does sometimes result in less satisfactory. The meat was so tough and even appetite appetite make disappear.

Well there are her tips ya how to make homemade steak so tasty and delicious! Curious..?

Usually the less heat Gets a steak will make the  time to bake so much longer and make a loud steak.

So the result is perfect, then grilling steak is better not in great numbers in one Grill steak to get the fitting and heat more quickly cooked. Ready to practice it?

Catch "The Luscious Gurame Fly

11/20/2014 14:34
Eating seems to fly would make gurame  i appetite becomes increased. But what about recipes and how to make yea I'll be practiced at home?


-2 tail of carp, each the size of a 500 gram
-2 teaspoons salt
-1/2 teaspoon pepper powder
-1 teaspoon lime juice
-75 g cornflour
-oil for deep frying

Sauce ingredients:

-2 tablespoons margarine
-1 garlic clove, chopped
-1 piece of red chilli, seeds removed, sliced a match
-2 cm ginger, bruised
-75 grams of tomato sauce
-1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
-1 teaspoon salt
-1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
-3/4 teaspoons granulated sugar
-250 ml of water
-sago flour 2 teaspoon dissolved in 2 tablespoons water
-1 leek, sliced
-1/2 teaspoons lime juice

How to make:

1. Halve the flanks to the tail of the gurame heads did not drop out.
2. Rub CARP with salt, pepper powder and lime juice. Let stand 15 minutes. Roll over the cornstarch.
3. Clamp the Middle bones with pincers. FRY while pinned until cooked.
4. the sauce, heat the margarine. Saute the garlic, red pepper, and Ginger until fragrant.
5. stir in pineapple, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper powder, and sugar. Mix well. Pour the Bouillon. Cook until boiling. Thicken with flour solution of sago. Stir until it explodes-letup. Stir in scallions, peas, and lemon juice. Stir until wilted. Lift.
6. serve with sauce carp

Fresh Candied Spicy Mango

11/20/2014 14:32
If the mango is usually identical to the Queen, is now trying to make a candied spicy yuk mango let more fresh today.


-750 g mango indramayu mengkal, thinly sliced
-1/2 teaspoons salt fruit
-5 pieces red pepper, finely sliced
-2 tablespoons lime juice
-75 g caster sugar
-100 ml of water

How to make:

1. mix the mango, salt, chili pepper, lime juice, sugar, and water until blended.
2. let stand 4 hours in the refrigerator. Serve

China Made in order to Learn Pull Noodles

11/17/2014 17:11
Amid the popularity of chicken noodle or chicken noodle Solo, Boyolali culinary entrepreneurs offer concept mi drag scene the boga Solo. To learn to cultivate mi drag popularized Chinese people, it is not a Solo culinary businessmen hesitate to fly directly to the country of origin of that cuisine.

According to the owner of King's La Mian,  Wang Chao Xue, flew to China that he did in order to make pull or la mian noodles in accordance with his original version. A familiar man accosted Willy this feeling had to fly to China to experience the authenticity of the taste of the noodles.

Willy's hobbies are eating and cooking it should learn about two months to make the country Curtain pull noodles bamboo. He learned to directly make mi from a tavern in Chinese noodles. "I have permission to create a menu in Indonesia pull noodles," said Willy when found at the King's La Mian, late October 2014.

He said among residents of Solo, mi drag it belongs new so not many people are familiar with. According to Willy, pull noodles recipes at King's La Mian that feels similar to that in China. Because of that, he still uses beef as a complement because the original recipe also uses beef. Meanwhile, for the broth flavorful beef broth as well as special spices.

No wonder that some people who've been to King's La Mian many commented that it felt similar to what ever they eat while visiting China. "There is absolutely nothing that I change the recipe," he said.

Tavern King's La Mian are open every day except Tuesday from 10.00-21.30 pm, this with the price drop from Rp 18,000 mi-$ 27,000 per serving. Another case with Abdullah, the owner of the stall Mi Drag Mas Doel in the alley North of RS Kustati Unit II, Solo, this. She said the recipe was much influenced its mi people descended from Chinese Muslims who lived in the region bordering Turkey, Sincia.

Of Chinese Descent
In making the appeal, Abdullah mi learned from a descendant of China which also has pull noodles stall in Central Jakarta. "I like to eat from small MI. so if every day make and eat the noodles, I have a problem because the noodles that I made without preservatives and wear good-quality ingredients," says Abdullah.

First, he makes the noodles shaped like noodles in General. However, Abdullah is also innovating by creating flat noodles such as kwetiaw. When presented to the visitor, it turns out that a lot of love. Eventually he entered his flat to pull the noodles menu list.

Abdullah also made innovations by providing the level of spicy noodle dishes on her appeal. He was only wearing a red chili fried in advance and without diulek. "The highest Level of anyone asking for chili to 20 grains. But usually cabainya set aside and not eaten, because the noodles are eaten has tasted very spicy, "said Abdullah.

Mi denotes the attraction also sold quite affordable, ranging from Rp 10,000 to Rp 15,000 per serving. While the spices and tastes, he said, in addition to the typical seasonings Sincia influenced, there are also influences from India and Pakistan. But certainly, when Drop Noodles Mas visit to Doel, pera visitors can freely see directly the production. "But if mi pull I've made nothing too notable to India or Pakistan," he said.


Bedu culinary tour in the city of Palembang, Hmm, luscious

11/17/2014 16:49
The arrival of the Bedu comedian in Palembang, South Sumatra disia-siakannya not to explore different angles of the Pempek. Bedu to miss an opportunity to direct the singer shared culinary tour diproduserinya Hanna Lazwardy.

As a daughter, Hanna area invites to enjoy the specialities Bedu Palembang at one of the restaurants. "Then come here not nyoba aja do not equal the Pempek to Palembang," said Hanna as found in Palembang, South Sumatra, Saturday (15/11).

Bedu were directly ordering food so arrived on the scene. The first Menu is the Pempek ordered submarines. Pempek is indeed one of the most well known.

"To the best Pempek are here there are a few places that tell you the most delicious. Fortunately we invite people here (Palembang), so no need to worry not tasty. My message to the submarine, "said Bedu.

Not only that, the Ampera bridge that became the landmark of Palembang could not escape from his visit. On the bridge of the Bedu perpetuate the frenzied activity of the society on the edge of the river Musi.

"Last to the Ampera, Jempat had fun too. But do not get stopped, time budget, "said Bedu.


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